GEIA Merchandise

GEIA will be placing orders twice a year in the May/June and November time frames.

If you are ordering with our paper form, please mail the order with your check to: GEIA, PO Box 578, Charlton City, MA 01508

Questions about ordering merchandise? Email or text/call (617) 834-6859.

Spring 2024

ORDERS DUE BY: June 7, 2024

Shop the Spring Clothing Store here! Orders due by June 7, 2024!!

Prices cover our printing cost plus a few extra dollars that go the the GEIA Weed Fund. We keep prices close to cost because it is more important to see you out on the lake proudly sporting Great Glen Echo Gear that promotes our lake, lets others know where you are from and just how much your care!

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PO Box 578, Charlton City, MA 01508

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