Glen Echo Improvement Association, Inc.
P.O. Box 578, Charlton City, MA 01508
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Newsletter - Spring 2017


December 26, 2017: Weekly update to the GE pool elevation. Things looks pretty good, pond is totally ice. With the upcoming COLD we should have a good weed control season. The pool elevation will need minimal adjustments with the freeze up. We only have a couple weeks left and then the refill period will begin. Think Spring. Todd Girard

Time to Get Your Gear in time for Christmas and the New Year!

Twas a month before Christmas
And all o'er the lake,
Everyone is excited!
Glen Echo Gear Orders to make!

On T-shirts, on sweatshirts
Logos printed with care,
With hope that under your tree
They'll soon be there!

So send your order now
So as not to be too late
Or no Glen Echo Gear
May be your fate!

Send your order
By November 20,
So that your family
To be sure will have plenty!

See the PDF's
Attached with care.
For your convenience,
We put them there.

Make a check to the GEIA
With your total just right.
Merry Christmas to all!
And to all a good night!

Merchandise Order Form


Glen Echo Lake is a freshwater lake located in Charlton, Massachusetts. It is 116 acres and primarily used by its residents for fishing, swimming and water skiing.

The Glen Echo Improvement Association, made up entirely of volunteers, was founded to promote good fellowship among its members; to promote the civic welfare of Glen Echo Lake Community; to establish and maintain improvements in and about the community; to improve the ecology of Glen Echo Lake; to preserve the rights and privileges of residents; and to do things necessary and incidental to these purposes permissible under Chapter 180 of the General Laws. It is also our goal to educate lake residents, and provide a social forum for members to express concerns and to share information. Monthly meetings, held during the summer, determine our direction by providing an opportunity for everyone living on Glen Echo to discuss any topic regarding the lake. All voices are heard. You need not be a member of the association to address the group. You do need to be a member of the Association to vote. Meeting dates, times, and location are announced on GEIA bulletin boards around the lake and by our newsletter. Please come to a meeting and learn more about us.

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